Located on the first floor, this is a versatile space ideal for receptions, press conferences or luncheons.The Atrium has room for 150 guests standing and can easily seat 80 for a luncheon or press event.

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Symposium Center

Located on the fourth floor this space offers an intimate setting that accommodates up to 70 in theater style. The space comes equipped with plush leather chairs and a U shaped board table ideal for executive meetings or last minute preperations before testimony on the Hill. The Sympoisum Center is equipped with an air wall that easily converts the space into two rooms.

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Minuteman Ballroom

Located on the fifth floor this space with striking views of the Capitol Dome, National Mall and Senate office buildings can easily seat 200 theater style. This ballroom comfortably seats up to 200 for a breakfast meeting or luncheon and comes equipped with projection screens on each wall, allowing you to choose the backdrop for your next conference or briefing.

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Audio/Visual Features

Top of the Hill offers a full complement of Audio-Visual service capabilities, utilizing an extensive built-in integrated equipment system, providing access to a wide range of event service capabilities for clients.

Top of the Hill also partners with leading technical support firms to both supplement in-house capabilities and equipment, as well as provide dedicated service support when required or desired, based on client specifications.

Service charges for A/V requirements are due in advance of provision and are processed at the time of event. Any supplemental charges which may be incurred (e.g., service timeframe overage charges, supplemental services) are due and processed immediately upon event conclusion. Unless otherwise requested and arranged, all A/V service charges are processed per the payment authorization form filed with the Top of the Hill facility use contract.

Potential Top of the Hill A/V service charges may be identified in advance of contracting for space use, per provision of specifications, if appropriate and desired.

Top of the Hill is dedicated to fulfilling all event requirements and has developed the capability to provide all event specifications. Services not identified herein are also available upon request; let us know what you need and we will provide it!

Reserve Organization of America

Top of the Hill is located in the Minuteman Memorial Building, owned by ROA. A non-profit organization, chartered by the U.S. Congress, ROA’s mission is to advocate on behalf of the nation’s 1.1 million men and women serving in the Reserve Components of our Armed Forces.

Founded in 1922, ROA is the only organization dedicated to supporting Reservists and their critical role in national defense. As the leading advocate for Reservists at home and on the battlefield, ROA has championed the unique needs of citizen warriors for more than 90 years.

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